One Of Australia's Largest Solar Panels


Fronius Solar inverter

Fronius solar inverters are the best that money can buy when it comes to solar inverters they are made in Austria and are one of only a few inverters that have “smart Grid ” which means you can choose how much electricity you like to
import without the need of an export limiter . They are also compatible with the Tesla Powerwall. The best preforming inverter but it comes with a price tag to match.

SMA Solar Inverter

On of if not the largest brand when it comes to inverters they have been setting the standards in Solar Inverter Technology , In recent years they have focused on reducing their price point to help more people use their product , and it
worked SMA is now a great balance between performance and cost efficiency . They used to be manufactured in Germany but have now moved their manufacturing to china. The good news is their quality hasn’t taken a hit.

ABB Solar inverter

ABB need no introduction when it comes to electrical manufacturing , chances are if you look around to the transformers in the electrical grid you find They are made by ABB, they have a wide portfolio of inverters ranging from micro inverters to three phase inverters.
They do focus on large products having inverters that have capacities in the Mega watts!


GoodWe Solar Inverter

The full company name is GoodWe Power Supply Technology Co Ltd and they produce inverters specifically for small to medium size systems ranging form 1.5 to 17 kw inverters. They come at a good price point and attract a very nice ROI they have their base in Melbourne but service the whole country well. They also have a big Global presence.

Growatt Solar inverter

Growatt has been in the solar inverter market since 2013. Owned by SMA and labeled as its little brother Growatt inverters have great durability and and is one of our costumers favorite , they operate mainly in china and have offices in Sydney and in Melbourne, They specialize in single and multiple MPPT imputes so you can have multiple facing panels and the inverter will work well without any voltage loss.

Solis Solar Inverter

The work horse of the solar inverter , well built and can handle the harsh australian climate , with over 25 years of research and development Solis inverter have built and inverter that has stood the test of time . With offices all over Australia they manage the their warranty claims well and are very fast in delivering their product, They are on of the first solar inverters to enter the Australian solar market and have set them self up as one of Australia’s leading solar inverters .

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