One Of Australia's Largest Solar Panels


Q Cells Solar Panels

Hanwha Q CELLS Co., Ltd is a Solar (PV) manufacturer and are based in Soul South Korea. All the Research development and engineering happens in Germany. The company was founded in 2015 It is a subsidiary of the Hanwha Group the company Brands are Q CELLS and Hanwha Solar.

Canadian Solar Panels

As the name suggests Canadian Solar is a Canadian based solar manufacturer .Despite the name Any panels you buy in Australia are not made in Canada .Most of the panels made for the Australian market are made in china.
This is a bad thing they have the same quality and standards as the panels made in Canada. This reduces cost which are passed on the the costumer. Unlike most manufactures Canadian solar has a its headquarters in Melbourne as opposed to Sydney.

Trina Solar Panels

Trina Honey Cells are amongst the world leaders in efficiency and reliability. Trina solar have had rapid development in the recent modules they have released, with the aim of finding the “sweet spot” between efficiency and reliability. The Sunshine coast solar farm which is a 15 megawatt (MW) farm was supplied by Trina solar and is one of the largest in the country with hospitals and aged care centers all using Trina solar panels you can be assured that Trina is a very reliable and efficient panel manufacturer.

Longi Solar Panels

Longi provides the about a a third of global demand in solar panels , That’s right around 1 in 3 solar panels in the world are made by Longi. That about of 32 GW of panels! , it is recognized as on of the worlds most valuable solar manufacturers, their core values are reliability and safety.

Jinko Solar Panels

Jinko Solar has been around for a very long time and has done well in the residential solar space , affordable and reliable it is one of Australian home owners favorite solar panel manufacture. Not only has it been used in residential properties a lot it also has been first choice in several solar farm in Australia here are some worth mentioning: Chillamurra Solar Farm 4.8 MW , Royalla Solar Farm 24 MW. their headquarters are in Sydney, however they have deployed technicians all over the Australia.

Risen Solar Panels

If you are looking for a Teir 1 panel that has high performance and produces very reliable electricity at a affordable price look no further then Risen Solar. Risen Solar was founded is 1986 and became a public listed company in 2010 , since then they have focused on high performance panels at an affordable price. Risen solar is on our top picks as the ROI on these panels are very high and are great value for money.

ET Solar Panels

ET Solar produces world renowned Teri 1 panels that come with a 10 year product warranty. They handle the Australian sun very well and are made with double layered PV cells , ET solar are know for their efficiency and advanced technology being on of the first to release half cut PERC mono. They have also worked very hard to improve efficiency in their manufacturing which has resulted in a very attractive price point.

Seraphim Solar Panels

Seraphim Solar panels are a solar manufacturer that has it Australian office located in Sydney, they offer 25 years performance guarantee and have been in the Australian market since 2009 . Known for the in-house research and development they are always leading the way when it comes to making solar panels being more reliable and safe, with a proven track recorded they have had a steady increase in the Australian market in the last 5 year.

Astronergy Solar Panels

When it comes to value you for money Astronergy solar are our top pick , they cannot be beaten on price and a very reliable however efficiency isn’t there strongest point , if you have a large roof that any are not looking to cramp every square meter with panels then you should consider Astron energy,  they are very good panel if ROI (return on investment ) is the top priority.

JA Solar Panels

Listed in the US NASDEQ Exchange this company has a lot of backing behind it , with on of the best supply chain they sell in over 100 countries and are well know with handling solar panels warranty very well they offer both monocrystalline and polycrystalline PV modules. Its continued to impress with is customer service network in over a 100 countries and and has received worldwide recognition as being a major player in solar products.

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